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We specialize in the supply, management, and hauling of base construction materials, such as crushed stone and other aggregates. Our niche expertise makes us an essential point of contact in the local construction industry, fulfilling the local demand for seamless project facilitation. Timely, affordable, and professional—we are the number one choice for transportation logistics, material supply, and smart management solutions.

A Pioneer In Construction Logistics
A Tradition Of Excellence
A Reputation For Success
Staying ahead of the competition is important in any industry, and ours is no exception. At Avant Garde Management Group Ltd, we spare no expense in raising the bar, pushing the envelope, and improving the quality of our services and products. Courses, research, and an impressive network of industry specialists: All help us improve our business and streamline our operations. Where there's a new development in our industry, we'll be there to take advantage of it.
Our business is our livelihood—but it is also so much more. Avant Garde Management Group Ltd was started to fill in a void in the current market for quality aggregate supply, hauling, and dump truck services. Over the years, we've evolved considerably, earning a strong record of success along the way. While much has changed, we never lose sight of what allowed us to succeed in the first place: Pride in our work, passion for our livelihood, and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

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New Albany, OH 43054

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